Bio picture for Deborah Olatunji, Youth Board Member, GripTape, Charter School of Wilmington

Deborah Olatunji

Aspiring Missionary Doctor and Educator, GripTape, Founder of the Student Leadership Initiative Program

Deborah Olatunji is a junior at the Charter School of Wilmington. She aspires to be a missionary doctor and is currently working towards going on a mission trip before June 2020. Deborah is a respected leader by her peers and adults alike. In addition to her academics that includes several AP classes and tutoring others, she has a working proficiency in Spanish and tutors young children in her community. In August 2017, she founded the Student Leadership Initiative Program (S.L.I.P.), a start-up that aims to help mentor and support the game-changers of tomorrow. She is the President of the UNICEF Club and runs varsity indoor and outdoor track. Outside of school, she is writing a book that will be published in October 2019. Deborah is very passionate about education reform and this past June, she joined the Grip Tape Youth Leadership Board, an initiative from America Achieves that seeks to assist youth in acquiring a sense of learner agency. Deborah, by sharing her message of change, hopes that it may inspire others to take action for positive, sustainable social development and the empowering of growing communities. While these details are important to the aspects of her character, the main legacy that she spreads is God’s love and how he has been the most powerful guide and supporter in her life.