Bio picture for Jocelyn Harper, Zip Code Wilmington graduate and Full Stack Developer at Capital One

Jocelyn Harper

Full Stack Engineer, Capital One

Jocelyn has been designing webpages since she was able to get her parents to agree to a monthly subscription of AOL. After learning HTML to customize her AOL profile, more searching found a group of teenagers that were using a combination of HTML and CSS to put out 2-week layouts on their personal blogs. From that moment, she was hooked on design.

Fifteen years later, she rediscovered her passion for creating and paired that with the love of the challenge of solving complex problems through successfully completing a 12-week Java boot camp Zip Code Wilmington. Following the program, she accepted a position as a Java developer with JPMorgan Chase. After nearly 2 years with JPMorgan and a short stint a digital product agency in Phildelphia, Jocelyn is back in the financial tech sector by being a full stack software engineer at Capital One in Wilmington.

When she isn’t a loud and proud voice for equal representation of black women in tech, you can find her playing Overwatch, League of Legends or watching 90s anime.